Photographic Connections

Ep22 - David Southern: Using The Minds Eye To Pre-Visualise Images

August 21, 2023 Kim Grant Episode 22
Photographic Connections
Ep22 - David Southern: Using The Minds Eye To Pre-Visualise Images
Show Notes

Join Kim as she speaks with English nature photographer David Southern. David has a fascinating background in conversation, having worked all around the world for the WWF. He uses his knowledge and interest in biology to connect with the world around him and create his photographs. Now predominantly a coastal photographer, he loves nothing more than connecting deeply with his local coastline, producing stunning intimate landscape images. 

Topics Covered 

  • Journey into photography
  • Connection to nature from a young age 
  • Working with the WWF
  • Experiences traveling the world for wildlife conservation 
  • Changes in the natural environment around him 
  • Bringing his biology studies into his photography 
  • Local seabird photography 
  • Seaweed photography project 
  • Why he loves coastal photography 
  • The benefits of photographing barefoot 
  • Why he’s drawn to more intimate landscapes 
  • What draws him to make an image 
  • Reconnecting with our inner child 
  • His photographic process 
  • Building an emotional connection to your subject 
  • Using the minds eye to pre-visualise images 
  • Getting inspiration from songs and films 
  • Bringing your whole being into your images 
  • His editing process 
  • Slowing down and being considerate with what he photographs 
  • Photographing the colour green 
  • Embracing every season 
  • The colours of seaweed 
  • Seeing the beauty in everything 
  • Creating his book Shoreline 

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