Photographic Connections

Ep23 - Jennifer Walton: Empowering Others To Follow Their Passion

August 28, 2023 Kim Grant Episode 23
Photographic Connections
Ep23 - Jennifer Walton: Empowering Others To Follow Their Passion
Show Notes

Join Kim as she speaks with American storm chaser Jennifer Walton. Jennifer uses photography to document the storms she chases around the country. She realised early on in her storm chasing journey that women were underrepresented in the field and as a result, started the initiative "Girls Who Chase".  Through this she has become an advocate for following our dreams and creating the life we wish to life. 

Topics Covered 

  • Journey into photography
  • Limiting beliefs that held her back  
  • What inspired her to get into storm chasing 
  • How a storm chasing tour changed her life 
  • Where her interest in storms began
  • Her background in science and climate change communication 
  • Seeing her first tornado 
  • Discovering her why in life 
  • The importance of following your joy
  • Birthing the Girls who Chase initiative 
  • Recognising how under represented women were in storm chasing 
  • Starting an Instagram page for female storm chasing talent 
  • How her initiative empowered others 
  • The media world 
  • The underrepresentation of women in field work 
  • Our connection to the weather 
  • How photography helps her connect with the weather 
  • Creating juxtaposition in her images 
  • Making photos to share energy 
  • The challenge of photographing storms
  • Flying over an erupting volcano 
  • Learning about your subject matter before you pick up your camera
  • Prioritising your dreams 
  • Becoming an advocate for failure 

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