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Ep24 - Jason Pettit: Seeing Our Photography as an Extension of Ourselves

September 04, 2023 Kim Grant Episode 24
Photographic Connections
Ep24 - Jason Pettit: Seeing Our Photography as an Extension of Ourselves
Show Notes

Join Kim as she speaks with Canadian photographer Jason Pettit. Despite only beginning photography just 5 years ago, Jason has created some very deep and meaningful imagery in this time. This comes partly down to his ability to connect with his subject and channel his life experience and emotion into his photographs. Photographing mainly his immediate local area, he has learnt to see and love it in all its beauty. 

Topics Covered 

  • - Journey into photography
  • Why photography over other creative forms
  • Growing up on a farm and how it built a connection to nature
  • Why he loves to photograph his local area
  • Developing the ability to go out without expectations 
  • Taking the time to create meaningful images 
  • Going back to how he felt as a child to create images 
  • How photography helps us reconnect with our inner child 
  • How photography helps him connect with his emotions
  • Approaching photography as art
  • Drawing the puzzle out of nature 
  • Creating a sense of discovery in his images 
  • Photography being an extension of ourselves 
  • How our life experiences shapes our images 
  • Starting photography nature in life 
  • Starting photography just 5 years ago 
  • How he progressed so quickly with his photography
  • The double edged sword of social media 
  • What AI can’t give us as photographers 
  • His photographic process 
  • What draws him in to create his images 
  • Mostly working on overcast days
  • Photographing what’s beneath the surface 
  • The importance of having time to see the scene 
  • Challenges of leading a workshop 
  • Why nature photography 

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