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Ep25 - Emily Endean: The Joy's of Photographing in the Sea at Sunrise

September 11, 2023 Kim Grant Episode 25
Photographic Connections
Ep25 - Emily Endean: The Joy's of Photographing in the Sea at Sunrise
Show Notes

Join Kim as she speaks with UK based photographer Emily Endean. Emily is a nature photographer who has a particular love and connection with the coast. They speak about Emily's love for wild swimming and how being in the water adds so much to her photography experience. They also discuss how photography can bring us closer to others and a recent project Emily did that allowed her to do this at her local beach. 

Topics Covered 

  • Journey into photography
  • Why she loves being out early morning
  • How photography gets her out for sunrise 
  • How living in a van helps her photography business 
  • Moving away from “normal” living to gain new experiences 
  • Why she is drawn to the coast
  • Doing photography in the sea 
  • How she feels when she’s in the water
  • Putting feeling and emotion into her images 
  • How wild swimming helps her immerse herself 
  • Photographing what she loves 
  • Working with others through workshops 
  • Allowing others to find their own vision 
  • How she sees the magic in everything 
  • Working with different genres and subjects 
  • Following what you are drawn to and love 
  • Taking inspiration from Viktoria Haak
  • How photography helped her become a morning person 
  • Why she loves the early morning light 
  • Being in the sea early in the morning 
  • The joys of wild swimming 
  • How we are all so unique in our processes 
  • People in the ocean project
  • Building connection with other people through photography 
  • Where would her life be if she hadn’t discovered photography 

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