Photographic Connections

Ep27 - Emma Grey: Channelling Grief Through Photography and Writing

September 25, 2023 Kim Grant Episode 27
Photographic Connections
Ep27 - Emma Grey: Channelling Grief Through Photography and Writing
Show Notes

Join Kim as she speaks with Australian based writer and photographer Emma Grey. Emma's love for photography while grieving the sudden passing of her husband Jeff. She found that photography helped her find connection again and gave her a way of channeling her emotions in a creative way. As an author, she now uses her personal story and connection to photography as inspiration for her fictional characters, which has gone on to offer more healing to both herself and others. 

Topics Covered 

  • Journey into photography 
  • The importance of showing up
  • How photography helped her through grief following her husbands passing 
  • How photography helped her to open her heart again 
  • Experience seeing the Southern/northern lights 
  • Channeling her grief through writing 
  • Putting her life experience into her fictional novels 
  • How writing and photography has been therapeutic for her 
  • How photography helps her switch off
  • Opening up the conversation of grief through writing
  • How sharing our pain can help others  
  • Being moved by others creations 
  • Channeling our feelings into creative expressions 
  • Growing up around cameras 
  • Moving beyond the technicalities to being in an image
  • Being open to failure in order to learn
  • Embracing the feeling of being inexperienced 
  •  Why she loves macro photography 
  • The comfort she feels from seeing the world through our camera 
  • Her love for looking at the stars and the aurora 
  • Witnessing the aurora with others 
  • How photography gives you an incentive to head out 
  • How photography can bring us together
  • How we notice more as photographers and writers 
  • Riding the waves of grief 
  • Where her love for writing started 
  • Identifying as a photographer and writing 
  • Following our curiosity 

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