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Ep29 - Victoria Wild: Overcoming Shyness Through Photography and Videography

October 09, 2023 Kim Grant Episode 29
Photographic Connections
Ep29 - Victoria Wild: Overcoming Shyness Through Photography and Videography
Show Notes

Join Kim as she speaks with UK Nature and Self-portrait photographer and videographer, Victoria Wild. Victoria currently live in her van with her dog Eric and shares her photographic adventures on YouTube. She used photography and videography as a form of therapy to both discover more about herself and the natural world around her. 

Topics Covered

  • Journey into photography
  • Growing up in the countryside
  • Making friends with nature 
  • Finding peace in nature 
  • Keeping the childlike wonder for nature 
  • Selling her house and living in her van 
  • Having her companion dog Eric with her on her travels
  • Feeling loneliness living on the road 
  • How photography helps her help a connection with others
  • Why she started her YouTube channel 
  • How self-portrait photography helped her overcome her shyness 
  • Filming cinematic videos of herself in nature 
  • How her inspiration comes from feeling 
  • Her videography process 
  • How self portrait filming and photography has been like therapy to her 
  • Seeing her growth through photography 
  • Looking at life and nature through the eyes of love 
  • How nature is a safe space and it always there for you 
  • Seeing the beauty in everything 
  • The impermanence of life 
  • Her love for wildlife photography 
  • The wonder she felt when she visited Bass Rock
  • Photographing puffins and gannets
  • How photography brings us connection 
  • Turning 30 and how things changed for her 
  • The rewards of putting your heart into something creative 
  • Choosing the right music for YouTube videos 
  • Dealing with negative comments 
  • Inspiring others through genuine authenticity 

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